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Siperstein Library: Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Hi! Welcome to the faculty resources page. Here are the resources we have available just for you!

We would love to partner with you to teach a less on citations, information literacy, or research--shoot us an email ( or anytime.

We're always looking for recommendations for books or services--feel free to submit a request or question below, or by following this link.

Finally, we here to troubleshoot our existing resources. If you or your students have any issues using a database or finding a book, let us know!

Reserve the Library!

We would love to host your class for a research session! Email Ms. F or Ms. H to schedule your class for one or more periods! Please allow 24 hours notice if possible. 

Newspaper Subscriptions

Subscriptions to the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are available to anyone in the Prep Community. Please encourage your students to use these resources for classwork and for staying informed! 

New York Times: click this link to create an account. If you or your students have trouble logging in, try clicking this link again--sometimes accounts expire after a year or two. Feel free to use your account on any and all devices--there's no limit. Our subscription also includes the NYT archive, TimesMachine.

Wall Street Journal: log in using the following credentials. Username: Password: Marauder1



ProQuest U.S Northeast Newsstream includes dozens of newspapers and periodicals based out of the Northeast, including the Jersey Journal. Log in using the following credentials:

Username: $TPETERS1  Password: $TPETERS1

Open Athens Authentication

New for 2022! We are moving to Open Athens Authentication, which should allow you and your students to log in to almost all of our resources using your Google credentials. No more remembering usernames or passwords! 

Unfortunately, this does require us to change our links to library resources. If you have a link to a database or library subscription on your Canvas Course or other location, please email the old link to I will generate a new Open Athens link for you!


Our premiere streaming service! Search their catalog of feature films and TV episodes--you'll see plenty of new releases as well as classic educational films. 

Click on a title and you'll notice some have a "watch" button--those films are available anytime, on-demand. Others have a "request" button--click and you will be prompted to send SWANK a short explanation of the educational purpose for showing the movie. Once approved, most "requested" films are available within 1-2 business days. Share the film with your students or add a link to Canvas using the "share" button below the video player.

Classroom Video on Demand

Classroom Video On Demand has a huge library of documentaries, feature films, and education videos across curriculum! Their library of PBS shows, HBO Documentaries and world cinema is excellent.  Share with students or embed videos in Canvas using the "share" button below the video of your choice. Unlike SWANK, all videos indexed in this database are available on demand.

Sora Magazines!

Our ebook and audiobook platform now carries magazines, including The Economist, Wired, National Geographic, Popular Mechanics, Booklist and more! Click here for the full collection. If you would like to link to a specific magazine, search for the title in Sora and copy the url from the browser. The link will take you to the most current issue.

Recommendations and Requests