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Welcome to St. Peter's Prep Library

Mrs. Hermeline is excited to welcome you to the SPP Library! This site is a hub of information and resources to guide you through your time at Prep.

The Library is a shared space. 

1. Keep the space clean: don't eat. 

2. Please be respectful of others and the space. 

3. Avoid behavior that could disturb others or library property: use your headphones when listening to media and use your library voice when talking.

4. Follow all instructions provided by Prep faculty/staff

Our hours are generally: 7:50-4:00PM unless otherwise indicated. 

One Search


1. Use the search bar found on the library website's homepage. 

2. Input your search terms (keep it simple. DON'T write sentences or questions.

3. Click Search and Sign in with Prep Gmail Credentials if Necessary. The homepage will look like this.

4. Use the Filter option to narrow your search results

5. When you find something you want to save click on "Access Options" or "view details" below article information. 

6. After Clicking "View details" you can now save and export the citation to your NoodleTools account!   

7. To export to NoodleTools: click on the citation (") symbol, click on export citation and select NoodleTools. Make sure you have already signed into NoodleTools and created a project folder.  




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User Guides

Quick guides for our most popular questions!

Destiny Discover How to use our print book catalog.
Sora Ebooks and Audiobooks How to use our digital ebook, audiobook and magazine catalog.
Trustworthy Information A short presentation on judging news sources and using lateral reading to find reliable information.
Collection Policy Get more information about the library's mission and collection policies.
Diversity Audit 2022 Read about the library's diversity audit of the fiction and graphic novel collections!

A-Z Database List

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