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Jesuits Research Guide: Home


Welcome to the Jesuits Research Libguide. Use this guide to help you do research on for your Jesuit research project. 

Basic Research Help

Starting to a research project can be a daunting task here as some helpful tips. 

1. Read your assignment carefully. If you don't understand something, ASK YOUR TEACHER. It's better to get clarification early on then to do the project incorrectly. 

2. When starting a research project, it's okay to use sites like Wikipedia for basic information. BUT don't stop there.  High school research requires you to dig deeper and use library sources which are located in the tab titled Jesuit  Research Library Sources. 

3. Keep notes of all the information you find and want to use for your research project including, quotes, ideas, and information.  Make sure to include the source of the information and the page number, if applicable so you can return to it later on. Our citation and notetaking builder NOODLETOOLS can help you with this.