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St. Peter's Prep Libguide: Christian Ethics Research

Christian Ethics

Welcome to the Christian Ethics Research Guide

A great place to start working on your final research project. Remember, you need to form and research an ethical question. Explore issues and form your question with the resources below:

Good Places to Start Exploring Issues

A series of quick educational videos on a variety of philosophical and ethical topics.

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is a collection of around 1600 entries surrounding a variety of philosophical issues, each created and edited by experts in their fields. 


Statistical Resources and more!

Here are some places to get open source quality statistical information:

Site Notes
Pew Research Center Reliable statistics on a variety of topics, very strong on issues related to public opinions, trends and attitudes.

Datasets provided by the government on a wide variety of topics.

More Resources:

Name Notes
National Institutes of Health This resource from the U.S Department of health and human services gives you access to a variety of articles relating to medical and health issues. 
National Archives A collection of government documents that covers the entire history of the United States.
National Archives Veterans and Military Records Covers a variety of wars and conflicts, lots of primary sources
Smithsonian Institute Collection Collection of primary source documents and images spanning the fields of art, history, technology, and more.
Library of Congress Collection A vast amount of digital resources, available to the public for free. Lots of primary sources.
National Security Archives at George Washington University Contains declassified government documents that have been digitized by the GW librarians.
EPA The Environmental Protect Agency Government website will give you access to a variety of information and statistics regarding environmental issues in the United States. 
FCC The Federal Communications Commission provides you access to various government document relating to the internet and the media. 

Investigative Journalism

ProPublica ProPublica is an independent, nonprofit newsroom that researches and writes on a variety of topics through investigative journalism.
Reveal News Reveal News is a nonprofit newsroom that engages in investigative reporting to unearth original stories often missed by other media. 
Democracy Now Democracy Now is an independent , noncommercial, current affairs news source. 

New York Times

The New York Times is a national newspaper whose stated mission is to seek the truth. 


What is an Ethical Question?

Courtesy of Mr. Prescia!

Access to Library Print Catalog

EBSCO Discovery Search

Christian Ethics Databases


Proquest Religion

ProQuest Religion Database provides you with access to scholarly articles related to a variety of religions including: Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and more. 

Gale in Context: Global Issues

Gale in Context Global Issues provides you with access to news articles, scholarly articles, images, videos, statistics and reference articles on a wide variety of subjects including: politics, economics, international relations, science, health, and ethics. 
New Jersey State Library gives access to a variety of databases. Scroll down to their database list. For Ethics and Law, I would recommend  POINTS OF VIEW REFERENCE CENTER.

Oxford Reference connects you with a variety of encyclopedias including a vast array of ones covering all religions. 


Science Database

This database provides users access to information on over 600 topics relating to the sciences. If you are researching an ethical topic relating to technology or science this could be helpful. 


Ethics Videos and Talks