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Siperstein Library: Bioethics


Welcome to the Bioethics Page.

Use this guide to help you do reliable research for your work in the Bioethics class. 

Bioethics Research Presentation

Customized Bioethics Google Search

Special Google Search Engine for Bioethics Class


Assessing Reliability of Internet Sources

Bioethics News Media Resources

Create an account here using your Prep email address.

Direct link to Timesmachine

the Sora app provides you with access to a wide array of magazines covering a variety of interests from the economy to politics to science and popular culture. 

Social Science Databases in Bioethics

Gale in Context Global Issues provides you with access to news articles, scholarly articles, images, videos, statistics and reference articles on a wide variety of subjects including: politics, economics, international relations, science, health, and ethics. 

Issues and Controversies provides you with access to overview videos, pro/con articles, debate videos, court cases, and instructional resources on a variety of contemporary controversies, primarily within the United States. 

Points of View Reference Center provides you with access to academic articles, news media,  and primary source documents on a variety of controversial and ethical issues. 

ProQuest Religion Database provides you with access to scholarly articles related to a variety of religions including: Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and more. 

JSTOR provides you with access to a wide array of scholarly articles on the subjects of history, literature, science, health and more.

Bioethics Podcasts

A bioethics podcast brought to you by Michigan State University 

An NPR podcast on the ever changing environment and its effect on the world's communities. 

A bioethics podcast by Columbia University

Science Databases for Bioethics

Science Online provides you with access to overview and reference articles, videos, diagrams, interactive experiments and more on a variety of scientific topics from biology and chemistry to forensic science, physics, and environmental science  

Today's Science provides you with access to overview and reference articles, news sources, science and scientist videos, and glossaries on a variety of contemporary scientific issues. 

Statista provides you with a wide array of statistical graphs and information on various issues and topics that span all subject areas. 

Bioethics YouTube Channels

Videos from the U.S Commission on Bioethics from 2009-2017

Videos from Anscombe Bioethics Centre. A Roman Catholic Academic Institute in Oxford, United Kingdom