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St. Peter's Prep Libguide: Library Research Databases and Tutorials

Welcome to Library Research

Search MOST of our library databases below

General Database Resources

JerseyClicks is a resource offered by the State Library of New Jersey.

It connects you to a series of different databases across a wide array of disciplines.

Helpful for History, Science, College, Ethics and English


 JSTOR is a digital library that provides you access to a wide array of academic journal articles on a variety of topics in the humanities and social sciences. 

Helpful for English, History, Religion 


English and Literature Databases

JSTOR Understanding Series

The JSTOR Understanding Series is a specialized resource that allows you to go through notable British and American works of literature and access scholarly articles that have cited quotes from such works. All major Shakespearean works included! 

Helpful for English Research



Bloom's Literature

Bloom's Literature is a database that provides you with access to reference articles, criticism, images, and videos on a variety of the most read British and American writers, literary works, and characters.   

Helpful for English Research


Religion, Ethics, and Law and Global Studies Database Resources

Gale in Context: Global Issues

Access a variety of news articles, scholarly articles, images, videos, statistics and reference articles on a wide variety of subjects including: politics, economics, international relations, science, health, and ethics. 

Helpful for Christian Ethics, U.S Law. Bioethics, Global Perspectives Research

Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints

Access a variety of resources from scholarly journal articles, news articles, reference sources, statistics and videos on a variety of contemporary issues relating to health, science, diversity experiences, politics and much more. 

Helpful for Christian Ethics, U.S Law, Bioethics, Global Perspectives, and AP Lang Research


Oxford Reference connects you with a variety of encyclopedias across the Humanities Disciplines. 

Helpful for Religion and History Research

ProQuest Religion

ProQuest Religion Database provides you with access to scholarly articles related to a variety of religions including: Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and more. 

Helpful for Religion Research


Science Database

Gale in Context Science provides you with access to a variety of resources from reference articles to academic journal articles to news and media sources on 690 topics in the all areas of science.

Helpful for Science. Christian Ethics, and Bioethics Research


History and Social Science Databases

Infobase: American History

American History Database provides you with access to overview articles, primary sources, maps, videos, and timelines on a variety of subjects relating to American history from the colonial period to now. 

Helpful for U.S History, Government and American Literature Research

Gale in Context: World History

Gale in Context World History provides you with access to scholarly articles, primary sources, news articles, videos, podcasts and more on a wide variety of subjects relating to World History from ancient to contemporary times. 

Helpful for World Civilizations and World History Research


ABC-CLIO provides you with a series of political, historical, and diverse cultural databases which are organized by time period and give you access to overview articles, reference articles, primary sources, and media. 

Helpful for World Civilizations, American History, Government, English Research. 


Primary Resources

Newsbank America's Historical Newspapers

Access a variety of digitized American newspaper articles, advertisements and documents from 1690-2000. Use a keyword search or their historical timeline feature to help guide you in finding good PRIMARY sources. 

Helpful for History and English Research. 


Infobase Polling the Nations                                                    

Access data from a variety of polls taken around the world over the past 30 years on a variety of different topics. 

Helpful for U.S History, World History, English, Ethics, and Statistics 


Accessible Archives

An incredible collection of historical newspapers and books--head here first for American History primary research.

Helpful for U.S History, Government, English and Journalism Research

 Heritage Quest Online | Nashville Public Library

Heritage Quest

An excellent source for primary documents--census data, genealogical records, old books and more.

Helpful for U.S History and English Research

New York Times Machine

The New York Times Times Machine provides you access to all of their editions from September 18, 1851 to December 31, 2002. 

Helpful for U.S History, World History, World Civilizations and English Research 


Artstor is through JSTOR and is an excellent place to a find a wide variety of artistic images cultural and historical and documents 

Helpful for U.S History, World Civilizations, World History, Art, World Languages Research

   Chronicling America

Library of Congress Chronicling America Historic American Newspapers is a great place to find primary source news material from 1756-1963

Helpful for History Research

Journalism Databases

Sora reading APP

The Sora app provides you with access to a wide array of magazines across a variety of disciplines. 

Helpful for History, Government and Science Research 

The New York Times

All the news that's fit to print! 

Create an account here using your Prep email address.

Looking for articles from the 19th and 20th centuries? Here's a Direct link to Timesmachine, the NYT archive.

Helpful for English, History, Government, and Journalism Research