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St. Peter's Prep Libguide: Library Research Databases and Tutorials

Welcome to our library database collection and screencast tutorials

Welcome to our library databases libguide page. 

This will serve as a catalog of our main databases and the resources they can provide you. If you'd like to search ALL our databases, use the box below, or go to EBSCO DISCOVERY and log in with Google. If you'd prefer to search one particular database, browse our offerings by subject on this page. Happy researching!

Multidisciplinary Databases

Jersey Clicks

JerseyCllicks provides you with access to a variety of databases that cover different subject areas such as, literature, science, and history.

ProQuest eLibrary

ProQuest elibrary provides you with access to newspaper and scholarly articles on a wide array of subjects.  ProQuest is particularly strong in the sciences. And check out their study guides on a variety of topics!

English and Literature Databases

Resources for the Humanities

JSTOR provides you with access to a wide array of scholarly articles on the subjects of history, literature, science, health and more.

JSTOR Understanding Shakespeare

The JSTOR Understanding Series is a specialized resource which allows you to access British and American literature and scholarly articles related to the content of such works. Some authors and works of note are: the works of Shakespeare, The U.S. Constitution, and the works of Edgar Allan Poe. 

Bloom's Literature

Bloom's Literature is a database that provides you with access to reference articles, criticism, images, and videos on a variety of the most read British and American writers, literary works, and characters.   



This is a fantastic collection of reference books: encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc. These works are published by one of the oldest academic publishers in the world (since the 1480's!) Use the username:spprep and password: OUPaccess2023!

Literary Reference Center offers literary criticisms, reviews, biographies, interviews, reference material and more on a wide variety of literary works including many of the ones studied at Prep. 

To access Literary Reference Center, click on the link and it will lead you to JerseyClicks. Scroll down to Databases, select Literary Reference Center, and then click on access database. 


Science Database

Gale in Context Science provides you with access to a variety of resources from reference articles to academic journal articles to news and media sources on 690 topics in the all areas of science.


Primary Resources

                                             An incredible collection of historical newspapers and books--head here first for American History primary research! 

 Heritage Quest Online | Nashville Public Library

An excellent source for primary documents--census data, genealogical records, old books and more.
The New York Times Times Machine provides you access to all of their editions from September 18, 1851 to December 31, 2002. 

History and Law Databases

Infobase: American History

American History Database provides you with access to overview articles, primary sources, maps, videos, and timelines on a variety of subjects relating to American history from the colonial period to now. 



Gale in Context: World History

Gale in Context provides you with access to scholarly articles, primary sources, news articles, videos, podcasts and more on a wide variety of subjects relating to World History from ancient to contemporary times. 

Internet History Sourcebooks

Internet History Sourcebooks through Fordham University provides you with access to articles and primary sources relating to ancient, medieval, and modern history. 


ABC-CLIO provides you with a series of political, historical, and diverse cultural databases which are organized by time period and give you access to overview articles, reference articles, primary sources, and media. 

Asia for Educatiors

Asia for Educators is a resource from Columbia University that provides you with access to a variety of primary sources, timelines, maps, and videos on a variety of topics relating to Asia in world history. 


Journalism Databases


the Sora app provides you with access to a wide array of magazines including Wired, Booklist, Rolling Stone and more. They a variety of interests from the economy to politics to science and popular culture. 

The New York Times

All the news that's fit to print! 

Create an account here using your Prep email address.


Looking for articles from the 19th and 20th centuries? Here's a Direct link to Timesmachine, the NYT archive.


Religion, Ethics, and Law Database Resources


Proquest Religion

ProQuest Religion Database provides you with access to scholarly articles related to a variety of religions including: Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and more. 

Gale in Context: Global Issues

Gale in Context Global Issues provides you with access to news articles, scholarly articles, images, videos, statistics and reference articles on a wide variety of subjects including: politics, economics, international relations, science, health, and ethics. 
New Jersey State Library gives access to a variety of databases. Scroll down to their database list. For Ethics and Law, I would recommend  POINTS OF VIEW REFERENCE CENTER.

Oxford Reference connects you with a variety of encyclopedias including a vast array of ones covering all religions.