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Siperstein Library: Library Reservation Policies

Reserve your spot!

Please be aware: a reservation is required to study in the library. Reserve your spot now:

Frequently Asked Questions


How many reservation spots do you have available?

-The library has approximately 60 spots to study.

Can I reserve as a group to study with my friends?

-Not at the moment--please bear with us as we asses how social distancing works at the library. 

Can I study after school?

-Yes, the library is open until 3:30 PM on all in-person class days (M-T, R-F).

Can I pick my spot?

-No, a librarian will direct you to the next open spot. 

Can I play a video or listen to music in the library?

If you do so using headphones, sure!

Other questions? email Mr. Reese ( or Ms. Friedlander (

How do I make a reservation?