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St. Peter's Prep Libguide: Shakespeare Research

Welcome to Shakespeare Research

Use this page to help you find sources for Shakespeare research. 


 JSTOR is a great go-to for Shakespeare research. 

This database has a wide variety of articles and book chapters on various subjects relating to all the Shakespearean plays. 


NoodleTools Citation and Annotation Builder

Use NoodleTools 



1. Organize all citations and notes in one project folder. 

2. Export citations directly from JSTOR.

3. Create digital notecards and annotations that separate direct quotations from paraphrases from your own thoughts. 




More Shakespeare Resources

Database Search Tips

Database Search Tips

1. Use the Advanced Search feature

2. Use Keywords NOT sentences or questions. 

3. Put multiple word terms in quotes: "Lady Macbeth", for example.

4. Use AND/OR/NOT to combine multiple keywords and search terms. 

5. If there is an abstract available, read it first. 

How Boolean Operators: AND, OR, NOT Function


A = Macduff      B=Banquo

A AND B will give you results that ONLY include both Macduff and Banquo.

A OR B will give you results that include Macduff, Banquo, or both.

A NOT B will give you results that ONLY include Macduff but NOT Banquo. 


Shakespeare Lab - JSTOR


The JSTOR Understanding Series is a great resources to find scholarly articles that have incorporated specific quotes from Shakespearean plays, such as Macbeth.  However, in order to get the best out of this feature, you need to have already annotated your own copy of Shakespeare's work to know what you are looking for.  

To use it: 1. Click on the image above. 2. Find your Shakespeare play 3. find the ACT and SCENE where the quote would be found. 4. click on the blue numbers next to the quotes to see the articles/book chapters that have quoted it.