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St. Peter's Prep Libguide: Citation and Research Help

Welcome to Citation and Research Help

Use this page to help you learn why, when, and how we cite

Introduction to citation styles MLA 9th edition

Helpful videos on doing research and selecting sources

NoodleTools Citation Organizer and Annotation Builder

NoodleTools is a resource that will organize ALL of your citations and help you create annotations. 

Click on the image and then the Google icon to register and access your NoodleTools account. 

To organize your citations and create digital annotations you must first create a project folder. 

Click the new project icon on the top right-hand side corner and answer the questions in the form. 

Once you have created a project folder you will now be able to import citations directly from our library databases or use the citation builder. You can also create digital annotations and notecards to keep track of quotes, summaries, and your own thoughts. 

Click on the blue book icon for step by step instructions to create a new citation.  Click on the orange squares to create notecards. 

Create digital notecards in NoodleTools to keep track of quotes, paraphrase author's ideas, and write your own ideas for each source you will use in your paper/project. 

Once you have clicked on the four orange squares in the main project folder page, click on new notecard in the upper right hand corner to access. 

If your teacher has created an inbox for your research project, you can share your project folder and digital cards with him/her by clicking on share from the main page of your project folder. Fill out the necessary information and get feedback from your instructor throughout your project. 

Using Generative AI