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Siperstein Library: Spanish Artists Project

Ms. Hoffman and Mr. Reese


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Online Resources on Artists


The Museum of Modern Art Collection

Find artwork and historical information on many artists.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection A great collection of art and historical information on artists. Use the search bar option in the top right corner to look for artists.
The National Gallery of Art Collections A vast collection of art free to the American public. It's important to search by artist's last name or use the keyword option. Searching by first name will not work.
The Frick Museum Collection The Frick has a wealth of information on artists, available online. Use the search bar in the top right of the website to type in your artist's name.
The Smithsonian Art Collection Massive collection of art. Use the search bar or choose one of the "browse artists" options to find information on your artist.
Museo Nacional del Prado Museum collection that consists primarily of art collected by the 16th and 17th century monarchs of Spain.


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JSTOR A database that covers many subjects and fields of research. Useful for most of your research projects.
Oxford Research Encyclopedias Offers a peer-reviewed, in-depth summaries that cover a wide range of topics.
Evaluating Sources Using the CRAAP Test.
Primary vs. Secondary Sources Distinguishes between different types of sources. Provided courtesy of American University.
Search Terms How to pick the best keywords for a search.
Boolean Operators Use these to narrow or broaden your database search. 
Library Catalog Finding print resources in the library.