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Siperstein Library


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Siperstein Library Policies

School Year 2017-18

  1. All student regulations, as stated in the Handbook, are in effect while in the library.

  1. Furniture may be moved, but must be put back to where you found it.

  1. Volume. Students are expected to remain at an appropriate volume level. Any sound coming from a device must be heard through headphones.

  1. Students who are doing school work may eat snacks in the library.

  1. The following food items are not allowed:

  1. hot foods

  2. messy foods

  3. smelly foods

**Ms. Hoffman and I reserve the right to revoke this privilege on an individual basis, at any time we see fit, and without conversation.


    5.   Silent Periods:  

          For the 2017-2018 school year, the Siperstein Library will have two silent periods,

                      1.  Before school, 7:30 - 8:10 AM

           2.  Fifth period


    6.  Library classrooms will be available for group work or silent study based on availability, need, and the approval of the librarians. Students must check with Mr. Reese or Ms. Hoffman prior to use. The librarians reserve the right to revoke the privilege to use study rooms at any point and without discussion.